Far Eastern Air Transport

Far Eastern Air Transport (FAT) is based at Taipei Songshan Airport, operating domestic and international routes by using 8 MD-82/83 and 2 ATR72-600. 
It was established in 1957 and started operations in November the same year. 
It originally focused on charter flights until the introduction of scheduled services in January 1965. For the next 30 years FAT was the No. 1 carrier on Taiwanese domestic routes and was granted the right to fly regular international flights in 1996, from Kaohsiung International Airport to Palau and Subic Bay. 
It started cargo operations in the Asian region in 2004. 
Beginning in 2004, FAT invested in the Cambodian airline, Angkor Airways. Angkor Airways subsequently shut down flight operations on 9 May 2009.
Due to ever-rising fuel prices and Taiwan High Speed Rail's inauguration, FAT suffered financial losses from early 2007 and the situation was seriously worsened by poor financial management and risky investments, finally, FAT stopped its business on 13 May 2008. 
On 27 November 2010, FAT began flight test at Taipei Songshan Airport, marking the airline's return to the skies.
The CAA in Taiwan granted a test flight license to FAT but required an additional test flight before re-granting an airline operating license, then FAT restarted its services on 18 April 2011. 
FAT emerged from bankruptcy restructuring on 16 October 2015.
As of August 2018, Far Eastern Air Transport operates 2 ATR72-600, 4 MD-82, and 4 MD-83.