Current Statistics

Overall, in the civil air transportation for nearly a decade (2007-2016), international routes and domestic routes have shown different growth and decline trends.
International passenger flights have grown significantly by nearly 69.1%, cargo flights have decreased by 1.2%, and the number of passengers has increased by 50%.
The decline in passenger flights in the past decade occurred in 2008, and the decline trend has slowed down in 2009, and it has returned to positive growth after 2010.
Domestic passenger flights have shrunk year by year in the passenger transportation. In the past decade, the number of passengers has decreased by 14.4%, the number of shifts has decreased by 22.5%, and the domestic air cargo flights have not changed much in the past decade.

There were 75 occurrences (including accidents and serious incidents which was defined by International Civil Aviation Organization) occurred in Taiwanese aircrafts (including with Civil Air Transportation, General Aviation, Ultralight, and government flights) and made a total of 113 fatalities in the past decade (2007-2016), the most frequent including 43 occurrences in civil air transportation, the remaining 32 were general aviation enterprises, government aircraft, ultralight vehicles and foreign aircraft.
There were 9 investigations led by Aviation Safety Council (ASC) in 2016, included of 5 were Taiwanese civil air transportation enterprises, one was general aviation enterprise, one was government aircraft, and 2 ultralight vehicles. 
One of government aircraft occurrence caused 2 fatalities and the aircraft was hull lost.

The flight accident rate of civil air transportation in Taiwan is calculated as the average value over a long period of ten years. In the past ten years (2007-2016), the total accident rate of turbojet aircraft was 0.17 times per million flight hours, or 0.57 times per million departures. In the past decade, the average accident rate of turboprop aircraft has been 3.55 times per million flight hours, or 3.16 times per million departures.
To see the trend of the 10-year average accident rate in Taiwanese civil aviation transportation since 2007 to 2016, the turbojet aircraft accident rate gradually declined after 2007, and remained flat after 2013. The turboprop aircraft accident rate was raised caused by two fatal accidents in 2014 and 2015, fortunately, there were no any hull loss flight accident occurred in 2016.

According to ICAO's definition of the flight phase, there were 43 flight accidents in the civil air transportation in the past 10 years (2007-2016). The number of flight accidents occurred in each flight phase, with the highest proportion of 15 in the landing phase, followed by 12 times in cruise phase.
According to the ICAO’s occurrence category, for the aircraft flight accidents of the Taiwanese civil air transportation in the past 10 years, the highest classification is 12 times in runway excursion, and occurred 11 times in aircraft system failure (exclude engine failure).

According to the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) classification of causes and factors, it is divided into three categories related to human, the environment and aircraft system. In the classification of the causes of flight accidents in the civil air transportation in Taiwan for the past ten years, the flight accident rate associated with human is the highest proportion (44.2% is related to the pilot, and 7.0% is related to other personnel such as maintenance and air traffic control), 44.2% related to aircraft system and 18.6% related to the environment.

The average accident rate of Taiwanese general aviation In the past ten years (2007-2016) was 30.11 times per hundred thousand flight hours, the fatal accident rate was 10.04 times per hundred thousand flight hours, and the hull loss accident rate was 12.54 times per hundred thousand flight hours. 
There was a hull loss helicopter accident occurred in 2008, a fatal and hull loss helicopter accident occurred in 2009, a fatal and hull loss fixed-wing accident occurred in 2012, a fatal and hull loss accident occurred in 2013 and 2015 respectively. 
There were 7 flight accidents in the government aircraft since 2007 to 2016, including 2 fatal accidents and 5 hull loss accident (including 2 fatal accidents) and 2 accidents with injuries. There was one government aircraft flight accident in 2016.
There were 11 ultralight vehicle accidents since 2007 to 2016, 4 of which were fatal accidents resulting in 7 deaths. All of these 11 accidents were hull lost, there were 2 ultralight accidents in 2016.

There were 123 occurrences (accidents and serious incidents) investigated by Aviation Safety Council (ASC) since the establishment of ASC in 1999 to the end of 2016. 99 of these investigations were filed and accompany with 954 items of aviation safety recommendations, excluding 2 incident cases and 14 cases participation in foreign and Mainland China investigations.