About CADF


CADF is a non-profit organization and its operating income is used to assist in the development of Taiwan's civil aviation industry. 
The CADF funds were donated by 27 shareholders of China Airlines in February 1988. 
CADF applied to the Ministry of Communications on March 2, 1988. It was approved on July 6, 1988 and was established on July 7, 1988 by announcement of Taiwan Taipei District Court. 
The fund size of CADF is NT$17,913,434,360.

Purpose of establishment

CADF aims to assist Taiwan's aviation industry development as well as national major transportation construction, research and related activities.


  1. Cultivate outstanding talents in Taiwan's aviation field
  2. Promote Taiwan's aviation industry upgrade
  3. Assist in the research and activities related to the development of Taiwan's aviation industry


  1. Cultivate aviation talents, including handling domestic and international training, seminars and workshops.
  2. Provide aviation training facilities to enhance the self-training energy of Taiwanese civil aviation pilots and improve flight safety.
  3. Handling civil aviation related researches as references for CAA's policy.
  4. Sponsor civil aviation related activities to promote the development of civil aviation industry.

Related corporate investment

CADF invests in China Airlines and Taiwan High Speed Railway to promote transportation services and develop transportation-related industries.