China Airlines

China Airlines is currently the largest civil aviation company in the Republic of China. 
China Airlines is a core enterprise of China Airlines Group. Its main operating base is Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport. Its headquarters is located in the China Airlines Park near Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport.
Currently operating international routes and cross-strait routes, the business includes passenger and freight, and the destinations are spread over more than 30 countries and regions.

China Airlines was founded in 1959 and was funded by the Government of the Republic of China. Currently, the government of the Republic of China still holds an indirect but majority shareholding.China Airlines currently has two Subsidiaries of Mandarin Airlines and Tigerair Taiwan, Mandarin Airlines is a full-service airline, and Tigerair Taiwan is a low-cost airline.China Airlines is the first airline to use code-sharing operation in Taiwan, it currently cooperates with 22 international airlines worldwide.In order to maximize the efficiency of service network, China Airlines joined SkyTeam on September 28, 2011. It is the first airline in Taiwan to join the airline alliance.
Based in Taiwan's Taoyuan Airport, China Airlines currently operates in Asia (81 destinations), Europe (17 destinations), Oceania (6 destinations) and the Americas (48 destinations), providing approximately 250 flights a day.
China Airlines currently has a cooperative relationship with 22 airlines around the world. The code-sharing service can extend China Airlines' network to major cities and tourist attractions on all continents, as well as all SkyTeam airlines. Frequent flyer reward program, shared VIP room, luggage direct connection, SkyTeam excellent enjoyment, passenger and cargo space allocation and other cooperation.
As of the end of September 2018, the fleet of China Airlines has a total of 88 aircraft in an average age of approximately 8.4 years, including 18 A350-900s, 24 A330-300s, 10 B777-300ERs, 4 B747-400s, 19 B737-800s, and 18 B747-400Fs.
China Airlines has more than 20 Subsidiaries & JVs, such as CAL-Dynasty International, Inc., Dynasty Properties Co., Ltd., Dynasty Hotel of Hawaii, Inc., CAL-Asia Investment Inc.,  Dynasty Aerotech International Corp., Yestrip Co., Ltd., Cal Park Co., Ltd., Cal Hotel Co., Ltd., Taiwan Aircraft Maintenance and Engineering Co., Ltd., Mandarin Airlines Co., Ltd., Sabre Travel Network Taiwan Ltd., Tigerair Taiwan Co., Ltd., China Pacific Laundry Services Ltd., Taiwan Air Cargo Terminal Ltd., Kaohsiung Airport Catering Services Ltd., Delica International Co., Ltd., Dynasty Holidays, Inc., China Pacific Catering Services Ltd., Taoyuan International Airport Services Co., Ltd., Taiwan Airport Services Co. Ltd., Taiwan Airport Services (Samoa) Co. Ltd., and Global Sky Express Ltd., 
The subsidiaries & JVs listed above are the invested companies of which China Airlines holds 50% or more of the total voting shares or has a control directly or through its subsidiaries indirectly. China Pacific Laundry Services and China Pacific Catering Services are both jointly controlled entities.
Profile of China Airlines
    • Founded: December 16, 1959 
    • Stock listed: February 26, 1993
    • Registered capital: NTD 54,709,846,500
    • Chairman: Mr. Ho Nuan-Hsuan
    • President: Mr. Hsieh Su-Chien  
    • EMPLOYEES (As of 30 SEP, 2018) 
        ◦ Total number of employees: 12,439 
        ◦ Employees in Taiwan: 10,601
        ◦ Employees stationed overseas: 1,838